Wine blog

Did you know this about wine?

While we enjoy our delicious glass of wine, we often do not think about what is involved in wine. There is a lot to tell about this beautiful and special drink. For example, did you know that wine has been around for 9000 years? We have listed some of these fun facts for you.

The smell of wine

You've probably seen it before: real wine connoisseurs who look carefully before tasting, roll gently and then smell the wine. You may also do this yourself. But why do we smell wine and what does that smell actually say? For example, did you know that the smell of wine does not always match the taste?

What does the color of wine say?

When tasting wine, the color of the wine is always very carefully looked at. The color of the wine gives you a lot of information about the wine. Curious what exactly the color of your wine means? We will tell you more about that.