The smell of wine

You've probably seen it before: real wine connoisseurs who look carefully before tasting, roll gently and then smell the wine. You may also do this yourself. But why do we smell wine and what does that smell actually say? For example, did you know that the smell of wine does not always match the taste?

Why do we smell wine?

The wine has been looked at, it has been rolled and now it is time to smell the wine. But what does the smell of wine actually say?

By smelling wine you can perfectly determine whether it will be a nice wine. This is because your nose largely determines what flavors you taste in your mouth. A lot of wine smells very fruity. But when you smell lemon in a wine, this does not have to mean that there is actually lemon in the wine. These are chemical compounds that are in the grape or are created during the production of wine.

Practice makes perfect

Sometimes it is very difficult to name what you smell. You know what you smell but you don't know exactly what it smells like. But by tasting a lot of wine and smelling it, you will recognize smells much faster.

Fragrances of wine

Below are some scents that are common in wines:

Red wine often smells of red and dark fruits such as strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, cherry or plum.

White wine often has notes of apples, pineapples and citrus fruits.

In white wine and rosé, aromas such as blossom often occur

Fragrances like cinnamon, vanilla or pepper




How do you smell if your wine is no longer good?

A wine that stinks is not good. So when you open a new or just opened wine and it doesn't smell good, put it away. If you have kept an opened wine for a longer time, the chances are that the taste has changed. It may be that you smell the wine and that there is no smell; the wine doesn't taste like anything anymore.

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