Did you know this about wine?

While we enjoy our delicious glass of wine, we often do not think about what is involved in wine. There is a lot to tell about this beautiful and special drink. For example, did you know that wine has been around for 9000 years? We have listed some of these fun facts for you.

1600 years old

It is very cold: the Rudesheim Apostle wine from Germany. This wine has been on the shelf for a century and is the oldest drinkable wine in the world. There is a wine that is even older, no less than 1600 years! Tasting is not possible, but admiration is possible in the Historical Museum der Pfalz in Germany.

The ancient Greeks

Cheers, Toast, Santé, Cheers; we like to toast to our health with every wine. This tradition started with the ancient Greeks. Back then it was not about health, but about the tradition that the host always took the first sip of the wine. In doing so, he showed his guests that the wine was not poisoned and safe to drink.

The stem

The stem of a wine glass is not only there for the design, but has a function. We have to grab the wine glass by the stem. If you take the glass by the chalice, you heat the wine with body heat. This can change the taste of the wine. Therefore, always grab a wine glass by the stem.

700 grapes

Did you know that there are no less than 700 grapes in one bottle of wine? That means 125 grapes per wine glass. Can you find out how many grapes have to be picked worldwide to provide us all with a delicious glass of wine.

Picking at night

In warmer climates, grapes are picked at night. When it is cooler, the grapes retain their fruit flavor and oxidize less quickly. This makes the taste of the wine even better and we taste it again!

180 year old oak trees

From ancient wine to old trees: the wine barrels in which wine is stored are made of oak trees that are at least 180 years old. Only around that age does the wood give off the best aromas. So it's worth the wait.

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