What does the color of wine say?

When tasting wine, the color of the wine is always very carefully looked at. The color of the wine gives you a lot of information about the wine. Curious what exactly the color of your wine means? We will tell you more about that. Do you read along?

Color of the wine

The wines can be divided into a number of colors, namely:

  • Pale yellow
  • Golden yellow
  • Light ruby ​​red
  • Purple red
  • Deep ruby ​​red
  • Deep purple red

How do you judge the color of the wine?

You can judge the color of the wine by tilting the glass against a white background. You look at the edge of the wine. The edge of the wine is the point where the wine first touches the glass. This way you can easily recognize the color of the wine.

Red wine

One grape has a different color than the other. The wines from grapes such as Syrah and Grenache, for example, are dark purple. But wines from the Pinot Noir, for example, are light ruby ​​red. A Cabernet sauvignon is again a bit dark red. The color therefore depends entirely on the grape variety.

White wine

Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Blanc are pale yellow, these wines are so light in color that they even appear transparent. A Chardonnay is golden yellow. Much more intense in color but the flavors with both wines are great.

Aging of the wine

The wine discolours with age. The darker the wine, the older. A pale yellow wine is therefore younger than a golden yellow and a deep ruby ​​red wine is older than a light ruby ​​red wine. The color of the wine therefore also says how old a wine is.

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