Our range

We are open on Friday evening, Saturday evening and Sunday.

The trend towards wine has now also found its way into the traditional Volendam. It's Wine created a place in Volendam where you can enjoy a glass of wine in peace and quiet.

Our range:

High Wine

1 glass of sparkling wine as a welcome
3 special wines from all over the world (per glass)
Matching snacks and delicacies

€ 45.00 per person

Enomatic wine machine

In our Enomatic vending machine there are 8 different types of wine, 4 white wines and 4 red wines. In this state-of-the-art device, the wines can be stored for four weeks under ideal conditions. You can “tap” the wine yourself at the machine. Special wine prepaid cards have been developed for this purpose, which you can purchase. There is even the option of tapping just a sip or half a glass to taste different varieties. The wine prepaid cards are also wonderful to give away!